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Kevin Adelman (December 17,2019 -Ontario,Canada)

This is the double yellow yellow i got from you. I sent this pic cuz this is what he loves so much; take his bath. My vet was extremely impressed with the care and the socialization that the parrot had received while living with you. If you are looking for a healthy well adjusted beautiful parrot then you have found the breeder to buy from. Thank you so much we love him.. “

Janette Cruzper (August 12, 2019 – New York,USA)

“Obase Parrots is the only reliable place to find a new feathered friend! I recently bought an African Grey Parrot from them and he is a precious little gift in my son’s life. Gaspy is a healthy and vibrant, hilarious clown and I am grateful to have found people who understand birds. I would recommend their birds to anyone interested in parrots as pets; I feel even more confident knowing I can contact them at any time if I have questions. My son is now so happy since I got it for his birthday “

Linda Coll (December 31, 2019 – Louisiana,USA)

I am Janette Coll I live in I live in Louisiana. My husband and I were very were looking for a breeder to purchase a macaw and we found Obase Parrots where they welcomed us and we bought a blue and gold macaw. I am so happy that I now have a pet friend. I call the bird Randy. “

Sarah S. (December 31, 2019 – New Jersey, United States

I just wanted to say what an awesome friend and bird breeder Obase Bird Farm is. I met her a few years ago through WAES when I was fostering and interested in adopting a macaw. I had wanted a macaw for many years and felt the time was right. She helped me with questions and concerns I had about getting a large bird, and was really positive and friendly. I had since wanted another macaw for some time, and was finally able to get a baby blue & gold from them. As soon as she sent me the picture, my heart melted! I went and met my clumsy baby macaw, and and soon after took her home. Obase’s babies were all very healthy and happy, and the nursery very clean and well kept. She always welcomes you over to visit your baby while it is being hand fed and answer any questions you have. Her family is very kind and laid back and just fun to be around. She really makes sure the bird you want is the right species to fit your lifestyle and that you will really be able to give it a lifelong commitment. She will talk people out of cockatoos and instead direct them towards a conure if she feels the bird might not be the right one, she is not just trying to make money off of people. She really cares about the birds and their futures and genuinely connects with her customers. My baby blue & gold is now just a few weeks shy of a year old, and is a wonderful healthy happy young bird. She puts so much love and attention into raising them that they go home happy and adjust well to their new homes. If I ever point anyone in the direction of buying a bird, it will be to her home!

Sarah & Flock

Reese P. (January 12, 2020 United Kingdom, Manchester)

Awhile back my daughter asked for lovebirds. It took me about a year to say yes. Kids don’t always follow thru with their pets & I didn’t know if I could do it. Once I said ok we started looking for hand fed babies. We found Traci. I thought she was just somebody whose lovebirds had babies & was trying to make a few bucks (we clearly knew nothing about birds). Before we committed to anything Obase let us come over to see these tiny, fuzzy little creatures. They were so ugly they were cute! We committed to them & made our deposit. In the weeks that followed Obase answered every question & let us come to visit & sent pictures. Every time we went over her house was clean. It looked clean & smelled clean & was just clean! With all those birds & other pets I thought it would eventually smell like the zoo but I’ve been there many times since & its always the same! Clean! Clean! Clean! I’ve been really impressed with that. Traci’s birds are always talking & happy. I look forward to going to get food for my babies so I can see all of her sweet birds. I’ve since gotten a Black Cap Conure who loves me & most recently a beautiful rescue cockatoo who hates me. I even got a little GCC from a friend & Obase answers all my questions on that little guy even though she didn’t raise him. She answers all my questions, all the time, even late at night. She checks on me & Junior (the cockatoo) & worries about how we’re doing. I always feel like she really cares about me & my kids/fids & everyone else & their families as well. She’s so sweet & cute & patient. She lets us sit on her couch for hours to visit our babies. I know she’s got lots to do but she always makes time for us. Now, because of Obase, I know I can be a good birdy parent. I could go on & on about how neat Traci, her family, & her business is but I’ll just end with my son’s words (he’s 9)- Traci’s House Rocks!!!

Reese P.

Lisa Brooks/Weaver ( February 12, 2020, Wales)

I have two wonderful birds that we got From Obase and George!  I remember going down to get our first bird and thinking holy cow its so clean and all the birds were so well kept and loved. I was a new bird person and has so many questions and they acted like they had all the time in the world to help, I never felt like okay here’s your bird, good luck with that. I have had to text and ask questions and Obase answered right away and is always there to help in any way I need it. I feel sorry for those folks who buy their bird from a pet store, you would never get the care and attention that is required to responsibly own a bird. Also one thing that is just outstanding is the fact that you get a beautiful new cage and food and toys so you are all set up to help your new baby have a wonderful new beginning.  Traci has a great knack at matching a baby that will fit your personality and lifestyle, she really cares about what she is doing and loves the birds in her care. I would never buy a bird from anyone other than Obase because I know they have the very best start in life and I know I am taking home a healthy, happy bird.

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